Update for the Upcoming Season

Hello Dodgers Family and Supporters,

As all of you would be aware, we are facing a lot of challenges with COVID-19. For the baseball community, the biggest challenge has been the mandates from Baseball Victoria and Baseball Australia.
Those mandates are in place to keep all of us as safe as possible and we, as a club, will support the DBA, BV and BA in upholding these guidelines. At this stage, there will be no club functions, training, meetings or gatherings until 7 April. The good news on this front is that the 7 April date will fall 11 days short of the start of the season. This will leave us little time to prepare physically for the season but we can overcome that.
For now, I would encourage everyone to hold off on registering with BV for the upcoming season until we know with certainty that the season will proceed. We are expecting the season to go as normal from the date the bans are lifted but the virus environment is ever changing. In saying that, the medical community is making great progress and I am hopeful that they will have all fears alleviated in the very near future.
Once we have the all clear, we will work to get all club registrations completed and ensure that every player and member is registered with BV through the Sportsdesq Platform. In the meantime, if you intend to play, please contact myself or Jordan Russell via the details on the “About Us” page to let us know you are playing. I appreciate your continued support and patience at this time. We will endeavor to keep everyone updated as we get the updates.

Brandon Mize

2020 AGM

The Berwick Dodgers will be hosting the Annual General Meeting at the clubrooms on Wednesday the 19th Of Februrary at 8pm.

It would be good to get as many people there as possible and attendance at this usually short meeting will help the club to elect an exectutive and committee so that we can begin preparations for what could be an interesting winter season.

Hope to see you there, if you have any nominations for executive or committee, or would like to put in your apologies please email our current secretary Sharni

One last thursday!

The season is done but that doesn’t mean we are. We will be having one last Thursday night at the club. Get down there for our usual training session and have one more night of fun with the Dodger family. Also remember that we are working on cleaning this week to hand to the ground over to the Cougars. Come in starting Monday after 5 and help out for a half hour or so!

End of Season working bee

That time of year has come and we need to get ready to wrap things up. We will start working on cleaning the rooms and packing up on Monday 26 August from 5pm. The more hands the better so please come in, even for a half hour, and help take of the room that has hosted us this season. We will announce other days as required but hopefully, we can finish it all in one night.